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The Real Estate attorneys in High Point, NC Cecil & Cecil, P.A., your trusted Real Estate law firm in North Carolina! Our experienced team of Real Estate lawyers provide comprehensive legal guidance and representation for a wide range of Real Estate matters. from residential and commercial closings to zoning and land use issues.

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Buying or selling real estate in North Carolina can be a complex and overwhelming process. We are dedicated real estate law attorneys that will help you ensure you fully understand the legal aspects of your transaction and that your interests are fully protected every step of the way. We provide a range of services to our clients, including:


  • Real estate lawyers for closing: Residential & Commercial
  • Purchases and refinances
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Title research and examination
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Zoning and land use issues
  • Commercial leasing
  • Easements and Rights of Way

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When you work with a Real Estate attorney at Cecil & Cecil, P.A. in High Point, NC, you can trust that you are receiving personalized legal services tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our team takes the time to listen to your concerns, provide in-depth legal analysis, and develop customized strategies based on your specific circumstances.

We understand that Real Estate law matters can be complex and time-sensitivity. If you need a lawyer for real estate in High Point or Greensboro NC or a commercial real estate lawyer complete our CLIENT REVIEW or CALL US. We prioritize quick and efficient services, ensuring that your transaction is completed promptly while maintaining a high level of thoroughness and accuracy.

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As trusted commercial Real Estate lawyers in High Point NC, our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of Real Estate law and provide you with a stress free Real Estate closing in Greensboro, NC.  Our team has a deep understanding of both local and state laws, as well as real estate market trends, and we leverage this knowledge to provide our clients with the best possible Real Estate law representation.

Don’t take any risks when it comes to your real estate transactions. Contact Cecil & Cecil, P.A. in High Point, today to schedule a consultation. Let our Real Estate Lawyers help you make informed decisions and achieve your real estate goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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North Carolina Real Estate Legal Definitions

The state’s real estate laws cover a wide range of issues, from licensing requirements for real estate professionals to the specifics of property ownership and transfer.

To help you understand Real Estate Law, we’ve compiled a list of key legal terms and definitions that are part of North Carolina’s real estate laws. This glossary serves as a foundational resource for grasping the essential legal concepts governing real estate in North Carolina.

Adverse Possession: A legal principle allowing a person to claim ownership of land under certain conditions, typically after openly occupying the property for a specific period without the owner’s consent.
Broker: ny person, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, association, or other business entity who, for a fee, commission, or other valuable consideration, lists, sells, buys, negotiates, or manages real estate or offers to do so.
Deed: A legal document that conveys title to real estate from one party to another and outlines the conditions of transfer.
Escheat: The process by which a deceased person’s property reverts to the state if they die without a will and have no legal heirs.

Escrow: An arrangement in which a neutral third party holds funds or documents on behalf of the parties involved in a real estate transaction until specific conditions are met.

Homestead Protection: Laws designed to protect homeowners from losing their primary residence to creditors under certain conditions.
License Required of Real Estate Brokers (93A-1): A statute specifying that individuals or entities must be licensed to legally act as real estate brokers in North Carolina.

License Law: Regulations governing the licensing and conduct of real estate professionals in North Carolina.

Real Estate Broker: Defined under Section 93A-2, this term refers to any person, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, association, or other business entity engaged in the act of buying, selling, leasing, or renting real estate on behalf of others.

Real Estate Commission: The regulatory agency responsible for enforcing real estate license law, including the issuance and renewal of licenses to real estate professionals.

Title: The legal right to own, use, or sell a piece of property. It is often evidenced by a deed.

Understanding North Carolina Real Estate Law is essential for anyone involved in buying and selling property in North Carolina. Whether you’re leasing property or buying and selling, being familiar with the local real estate laws can help ensure that you have protected yourself and your business.

This glossary provides a starting point, but it’s always recommended to consult with a qualified real estate attorney for specific legal advice and guidance related to your situation.

North Carolina Real Estate Commission: License Law, Rules and Guidelines

The legal definitions provided on this page are for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice. Please consult with a qualified attorney for specific guidance and advice regarding your individual situation.

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