Land Partitions in North Carolina

Joint Property Ownership

When Joint property ownership goes awry there are cases when the property needs to be divided. Typically joint property is achieved through inheritance or when friends or family jointly purchase a vacation home.

Usually, property disputes in North Carolina can be resolved by selling the property and dividing the proceeds equally. If property disputes cannot be amicably achieved, partition proceedings come into play. Partitioning is the division of property, real or personal, by owners who jointly own the property. There are two kinds of partition proceedings, partition in kind and partition by sale.

Land Partitions in North Carolina
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Partition in Kind

Partition in kind, also known as “Actual Partition” is the process of physically dividing the property amongst the owners of the property. Whether it is an equitable partition or a property that needs to be sold.

Partition by Sale

Cecil & Cecil, P.A.  can help clients obtain property appraisals and determine the value of the property to be partitioned. If you jointly own property and are needing to consider a Land Partition sale give us a call to discuss your options.

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